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Why pay extra delivery costs?

We may have a chef and marquees available in your local area.

Call direct and save on Delivery

Sensational Special

Free King prawns!

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FREE Table and Glasses

with Gourmet Canap menus

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Catering Bonuses

  • FREE cutlery and crockery
  • FREE lasagne
  • FREE tea and coffee packages

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Catering and Hire

Combination Bonus

Free Case of Bubbly!

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The Bubbly

FREE Heater Offer

Free mushroom heater
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Party Hire

Marquee Hire

Save 25%

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Gold License Caterer, Sydney

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Wines, Beers, Bubbly and Soft Drinks

"The only beverage catering company that guarantees
you will spend less than doing it yourself"

Research reveals…

For 90% of all people organising a family or corporate event, their biggest fear is running out of beer, wine and soft drinks.

It’s no wonder that people fear the consequences of running out of drinks. Apart from being extremely embarrassing for you, you also run the risk of being seen as cheap.
Run out of beer, wine or soft drinks and your party or event could be ruined and people are disappointed (some will even leave). 

“There’s no such thing as Light Beer - it’s all heavy”
Sourcing, buying and setting up drinks for your party is hard, backbreaking work.  Based on 50 people, the total weight of drinks and ice is more than 300kg and takes hours of your precious time. Finding parking, battling crowds and lugging heavy boxes to and from your car puts you under pressure that you could do without.

We are revolutionising the way people organise parties and events in Sydney.
No obligation to spend a cent! No minimum charge.

We can help you by:

  1. Massively reducing the risk of running out of drinks. We deliver 50% more than industry averages.
  2. Lowering the cost of beverage catering by 33% by only paying for what you use.
  3. Supplying a variety of guaranteed high quality wine, saving you 28 to 57% on bottle shop pricing for wines.
  4. Saving you time – beverages, glassware and ice delivered to your venue.
  5. Saving your back – we do all of the hard work.
  6. Supplying all your party needs under one roof - all drinks, tubs, glasses, marquees, tables, chairs, cool rooms, service staff and catering.

Drinks Options

1) Unlimited All Inclusive Wine, Beer and Soft Drinks Packages
Perfect for weddings, special occasions and corporate events

  • Free tastings and samples
  • Free onsite, no obligation consultation to ensure that we meet your needs within budget
  • Drinks packages can be customised to meet your needs
  • Add on fresh or frozen cocktails or ready to drink spirit options
  • Full service provided by our professional bar staff

Silver package from $19.90pp
Gold package from $24.90pp
Platinum package from $29.90pp


2) Party Packs
The perfect solution for family and friends backyard functions as well as social work drinks

  • Only pay for what you use:
    • No obligation to spend a cent
    • No minimum charge
    • No hassles – guaranteed!
  • “The only beverage catering company that guarantees you will spend less than doing it yourself” – Save 28 to 57% on bottle shop pricing for wines.
  • Save your back! Drinks and ice for a group of 50 people weighs over 300kg. We deliver and do all the work.
  • No middle man to inflate prices.
  • Free, no obligation onsite consultations.
  • Free tastings and samples.
  • Convenient for you – Beverages, catering, marquees of all sizes and party hire available in house!


3) Freshly made cocktails

Prepared by a professional barperson and guarantee to impress. Popular cocktails include Cosmopolitans, Bellinis and margaritas.

4) Frozen cocktail machine

For sensational tasting frozen cocktails, mocktails and daiquiris. Hire a barperson for full service or do it yourself.

5) Ready to drink spirits

Add this option onto an Unlimited Package or include it in a Party Pack. Crowd pleasing choices including Smirnoff, Bundy, Jack Daniels...