Types of Corporate Catering Services

Corporate catering refers to catering done for corporate functions. However, although the name is quite straightforward, the process might be a little different. Many services are placed under the big umbrella of corporate catering. To know which specific service you need and how they differ, one must first understand the various types of catering that exist. Here are some common types of corporate catering services.

Lunch and Launch

Lunches mainly apply to big companies that have many employees. Most managers prefer to provide their employees with lunches and snacks to keep their morale up. The bistros in charge of lunch catering make it their responsibility to avail food at the office on time. Food has been known to attract and hold the attention of people for quite some time. Therefore, most companies count on this fact to lure people to their launches as they introduce a new product into the market.

Team Building and Picnics

Nothing brings a team together better than some secluded time together away from the office. For instance, the team can go out to have fun. Playing casino games can be an excellent way of bonding between staff. All members can play all day to take advantage of the Playamo bitcoin Casino free bonus to win cash on exciting online games. At moments like these, when the team members get to know each other at a personal level, food is essential. There are catering agencies that specialise in combining dishes excellent for corporate picnics and team building events.

Board Meetings and Conferences

For employees to feel motivated, many managers and directors bring in catering services for their board meetings. The meetings might be held weekly or monthly. Either way, the catering brings in breakfast to keep the members focussed. Also, conferences are quite vital and influential for a company. To keep everyone comfortable and ensure that networking takes place, corporate services are mostly brought into play.